Jack Grealish Opens Up On His Drunken Dig At Newcastle United Star, Issues Apology

Manchester City and England’s winger Jack Grealish recently came out and opened up about his infamous comment on Newcastle United and Paraguayan winger Miguel Almiron.

Miguel Almiron has taken the Premier League by storm this season; he has scored eight goals and had an assist in all league games played so far this season. Jack Grealish has just one goal this season, and his comment on Almiron has come back to haunt him.

Almiron had one goal in thirty games for Newcastle United last season. During Manchester City’s title parade last season, Jack Grealish mentioned two secrets that helped Manchester City come back to beat Aston Villa in their final game. He said

“There were two secrets… number one: Riyad [Mahrez]. Take him off the pitch as soon as possible. He played like [Miguel] Almiron yesterday.

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Number two: [pointing at Silva] “He’s been so good this season, get him off the pitch.”

Ilkay Gundogan came on as a substitute, replacing Bernardo Silva, and got Manchester City into the game afterwards.

Jack Grealish opened for the first time about his comment, as it must have motivated Almiron to become a better player this season. He said,

Jack Grealish on his Miguel Almiron comment:

“That was one thing I regret.” Sometimes I do stupid stuff; that was one of them. I regret that. I swear, I’m actually buzzing at the way he’s reacted. In an interview the other day, he wished me the best. I thought, “What a guy, man.'”

“When I look back, that was just one thing that was stupid to say.” I shouldn’t have said it. I didn’t realize it was a video to go out; I thought it was private. “But even in private, I shouldn’t have said it because he’s a fellow professional.”

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“If that was me and somebody said that about me, I’d have probably gone the other way and been like, “F*** it.” “I messaged Matt Targett because I’m close with him from Villa and said, “Can you message him for me and say I apologize? I obviously didn’t mean it.”

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