Morocco Beat Spain In Penalty Shootouts

Morocco beat spain

Spain was up against Morocco in the 2022 World Cup’s last sixteen. Morocco won their group and faced Spain, who finished in second place in their group. Heading into the game, Spain were looking to be favorites to advance to the quarterfinals, looking at how well they have performed at the World Cup so far.

After a goalless 90 minutes, the match went into extra time, and still, both teams couldn’t squeeze in an equalizer. The match was brought down to penalties, and Morocco won after scoring three out of four penalties taken. Spain failed to convert any of their penalties, as Morocco’s goalkeeper, Bono, did really well with the mind games that saw the Spanish players miss from the penalty spot. 
Spain have become the first nation in World Cup history to lose four penalty shootouts, and they’ve become just the second side to not score in one after Switzerland against Ukraine in 2006. Calamitous.

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